Advice for Buying Running Shoes Online From Your Santa Fe Foot Doctors - October 10, 2012


by William Blake, DPM


William Blake, DPM of Foot and Ankle Associates

More and more people are discovering the convenience of shopping on the Internet, and an ever-growing number of businesses are trying to gain their share of consumers’ dollars by making online shopping an appealing option. Some offer lower prices online than those available at brick-and-mortar stores, some offer free shipping and handling (with or without a minimum purchase), and often, with a little persistence, you can find a website that does both.

When it comes to buying running shoes, some people are reluctant to purchase them online because they want to try them on first to make sure they fit well. Others have no qualms about buying shoes on the Internet because they figure they’ll just return them if there’s a problem.

If you decide to surf the Web in search of your next pair of running shoes, here are some tips from our experienced northern New Mexico foot and ankle specialists:

  • Make sure the website is legitimate. Whether you’re buying running shoes or an espresso machine for your kitchen, always make sure you use a reputable website. Many websites advertise that they have the lowest prices or the largest selection to draw you in, but they obviously can’t all have the lowest prices or the largest selection. In general, be wary of websites that offer a deal that seems too good to be true. Take your time and research the site to be sure it is legitimate.

  • Look at the total price you’ll be paying. When you find a website that offers a really great price on the shoes you want, you might feel like you’ve truly scored—and maybe you have. But before you eagerly click on the “Buy Now” button, be sure you’re aware of all costs associated with the purchase. Many websites offer attractive prices on their merchandise, but then they turn around and charge exorbitant fees for shipping and handling.

  • Check out the return policy. Before you finalize your purchase, find out what the site’s return policy is. Shoes sizes can differ slightly from one brand to another, so you may need to exchange the shoes you receive for a different size. And even if you’re certain they’ll fit, there’s still a chance that you could receive a pair that has a defect or turns out to be the wrong color—it happens. Make sure returning them won’t be a problem so you’re not stuck with shoes you won’t wear.

Buying online can be a great money-saving option, as long as you use some caution. It’s important to make sure you get shoes that fit your feet well. Otherwise, they could cost you a lot more than the price you paid when you bought them. Saving a few dollars is not worth risking the health of your feet.

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