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Finding the Right Fit in Your Running Shoe

Most runners know the importance of wearing the correct shoe when they run, even if they’re just getting into the sport. But with so many shoes on the market, it might seem like a daunting task to find that one pair that fits you just right. Don’t let the large selection scare you. Look at it as a positive—having more shoes to choose from means it’s more likely you’ll find a pair that fits you perfectly.

When looking for running shoes, it’s important to be patient and not rush into buying the first pair you see. Running in the wrong shoes can lead to a serious injury and can cause long-term damage to your feet, your legs, and even your back.

There are several factors you should consider during the shoe-buying process, including:

  • The intended running surface. The first thing to consider is the type of running you’ll be doing. Different shoes are designed for specific running surfaces, such as trails, pavement, grass, and so forth.

  • Price. The amount you’re able to spend on a pair of shoes will determine your selection. Don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget; shoes of good quality are available at reasonable prices.

  • Your foot. Start with the size you normally wear, but always try shoes on before buying them. You might need to go up or down a half size or more. And, to get a well-fitting running shoe, be sure to measure the width of your foot and buy shoes that are the right width. Also, determine the type of arch you have, as different shoes are available for people with high arches, average arches, or no arches.

  • Learn from experience. Unless you’re new to running, you have experience with other running shoes you’ve worn in the past (perhaps both good and bad). Take this experience into account when shopping for your new shoes.

Wearing properly fitting shoes when you run is crucial for the health of your feet and ankles. If you’ve injured a foot or ankle, the Santa Fe active foot specialists at Foot and Ankle Associates can help you get back in stride. Call our New Mexico foot experts today at 505-982-0123. We also invite you to request a free copy of our “Foot And Ankle Health Book.”