When Enough is Enough- Running and Stress Fractures

When Enough is Enough- Running and Stress Fractures

Posted on Mar 07, 2012
Completing the Boston Marathon is an amazing accomplishment that takes hard work, dedication, and the strength to keep running through the pain. But at a certain point, the human body is trying to send a message with the pain. And ignoring that message can lead to quite a bit more pain, and even damage.

Jim Schaefer finished the Boston Marathon in 2011 with severe pain in his left foot. The experienced runner began to notice the pain about halfway through the race, but after some adjustments in his running and walking schedule, was able keep competing through more and more pain.

The pain, it turns out, was not the normal wear and tear that a body goes through on regular runs. It turned out that Schaefer ended up with a stress fracture, confirming what he knew even as he was running: he should have stopped. Some injuries like mild sprains can go away on their own after a week or two, but lingering pain can be a sign of more serious damage.

Stress fractures can take quite a while to heal because the bone is so damaged. Even after a couple months of rest, Schaefer required surgery to repair the damage he suffered during the marathon. He began a plan to slowly get himself back into running.

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